The Soaring Aquilas

Raptors are an important indicator of the health of the forest ecosystem. In the forested landscapes of the Gadoli and Manda Khal Fee Simple Estates, I, recently had the immense pleasure of sighting Golden Eagles at two different locations in these beautiful forests.

Golden Eagles in the Gadoli Forests

Golden Eagles are not found is large numbers in this part of the Western Himalayas though their distribution is widespread. Scientifically known as Aquila chrysaetos these magnificent predators are known to keep the same mate for life. Returning to their nests year after year they often perch on trees and ambush their prey in fantastic dives and swoops.

Watching these birds was immensely pleasurable and knowing that they inhabited these forests also indicated that the forest ecosystems of the Gadoli and Manda Khal Fee Simple Estates supported a healthy prey base.

Preserving and conserving the forest tracts of these estates is not only important for the wildlife that it supports but also for the immense ecosystem and ecological services that they provide to peripheral village communities.

As these Aquilas wait patiently to ambush their prey, I, continue to document the biodiversity of these forests as better scientific understanding of wildlife and their habitats in these forests will only lead to improved science based management of these temperate ecosystems.