The Bypass Scam

The Forests of Gadoli and Manda Khal Fee Simple Estates face severe threat from developmental activities in gross violations of existing environmental and forest laws.

Some severe flaunting of the country's green laws have been undertaken by the local government developmental bodies which include constructing of a bypass road through the forests of Gadoli Fee Simple Estates.

Construction of bypass through the Gadoli Forests

This road dubbed as the Gadoli - Premnagar Bypass is being constructed by the Public Works Department (PWD), Pauri by encroaching on forest. In glaring violations of The Forest Conservation Act, 1980 this road has met with severe opposition from local residents.

Not only has no construction clearance been sought for the construction of this road by the PWD as is mandatory for roads being constructed through forests, the PWD even claims to have acquired the land which is forest bypassing the norms required for acquiring forest for developmental activities.

The construction of this road has destroyed the forests near it as rubble from the unplanned cutting of the hillside thrown into the forests destroying existing chir pine trees and saplings.

Dumping of Rubble from the bypass into Chir Pine forests of Gadoli Fee Simple Estate