The Stone Scam

It indeed does seem surprising that these forests under the supervision of the Divisional Forest Officer, Pauri  are being constantly sacrificed for various non forest activities and are under increasing threat from the mining contractors of the District. Having scant respect for The Forest Conservation Act, 1980 stone removal has been ongoing in the forests of Gadoli and Manda Khal Estate.
Stone Removal in Gadoli Fee Simple Estate

The Manda Khal Forests along with the Government  Reserve forests in the area form the micro-catchment of the Nayyar River which provides water to innumerous villages in the Pauri Garhwal and Thalisain Blocks of this district. Illegal stone removal has seen the mountainside scarred and badly damaged.
Cutting of the mountainside in Gadoli Fee Simple Estate for stone removal
It is also feared that the regular blasting of the mountainside besides causing severe noise and dust pollution in the area would also affect the underground aquifers and the springs that originate here to be a part of the Nayyar.
Stone piled up for transportation in Gadoli Fee Simple Estate
A Hotmix plant sanctioned by the District Magistrate, Pauri has been set up by cutting the mountainside with the Divisional Forest Officer, Pauri  being a silent bystander.
Hotmix Plant erected by destroying the mountainside and forests of Manda Khal Fee Simple Estate
These activities have not met with the mandatory clearance from the Centre as is required under The Forest Conservation Act, 1980 for diversion of forest for non-forest activity.   Definetly scamming along at the expense of a forest it is a wonder whether the Government Administration respects the Law or not.