The Garbage Scam

The Forests of Gadoli and Manda Khal Fee Simple Estates are the source of freshwater for many villages in the area. Some important villages like Pabo, Kot and Kanda to name a few depend on these waters for their drinking and agricultural wants.

However, not taking into consideration the fact that these are forests the Nagar Pallika Parishad of Pauri town has been dumping garbage from the town in gross violations of the country's laws for the management of solid wastes and The Forest Conservation Act, 1980.

Garbage being dumped in the open in the Forests from Pauri Town

The garbage which is transported from the Pauri town in municipality trucks is dumped in the open in these forests. Burnt during the summer months and largely unsupervised they are a fire hazard to the surrounding Government Reserve Forests of Khirsu and recently led to forest fires here.

Contaminating the water sources originating here they have led to increase in water borne diseases among residents from surrounding villages.

Violating many environmental and forest norms the Nagar Pallika on verbal agreement with one of the past joint - owners of these estates Mr. Terence Chowfin has been dumping garbage here creating severe environmental and ecological pollution in the area.