Himalayan Blunder

The Gadoli – Premnagar Bypass is an ecological disaster. Constructed precariously in the Gadoli Fee Simple Estate and snaking through the pine forest areas of this Estate the monsoon in 2013 exposed the incompetence of the PWD Engineers in planning and constructing such a road in the fragile central Himalayas. Unable to withstand the normal monsoon deluge that occurs here annually, the bypass has fallen in three places leaving a wake of destruction in it’s path. 

Mud Slide caused by the falling of the Gadoli - Premnagar Bypass
Not only has the road proved to be a hazard by leading to mudslides in the area, destroying forests and property worth crores of rupees it is also a danger to people’s lives. 

While often touted as an engineering marvel by it’s PWD engineers the culverts on this road are so badly constructed that they fail to act as drainage for the torrential monsoon water leading to mudslides and even the collapsing of the Bypass as it is washed away. 

Is construction of this Bypass which violates the Forest and Environmental Laws of the country with its spiraling costs for maintenance justified? 

The ill - conceived Gadoli - Premnagar Bypass

Interestingly the length of this bypass is actually longer than the existing Bubakhal - Pauri - Srinagar road whose very length it is supposed to shorten.... looks like a real long short-cut......now isn't that food for thought....!!!!